Interview of Oleg Tsvigun and Vasiliy Gavrilyuk to “Real Business”

tsvigun13gavriluk2On the threshold of the XI International Investment Forum "SOCHI-2012" we are interviewing Oleg Tsvigun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "IMPEXTRADE", and Vasiliy Gavrilyuk, General Manager of LLC "IMPEXTRADE".
Russia has become a member of the WTO. This step has been estimated dubiously ranging from purely positive to extremely negative estimates.
Oleg: Firstly, we joined this organization among the latest members; therefore we had had the time to observe all the advantages and disadvantages through the example of other states, and to evaluate the tools of resolution of the issues inside the WTO. In July 2008 the membership of the organization included 153 states, which covered 95% of the global business volume. More than convincing figures. Secondly, let's review the example of the People's Republic of China. This country has been a member of the WTO since 2001. For this period a lot of industries have been developed in China, including new science-driven branches. And the WTO membership does not prevent, but facilitates development of this country at a fast pace. It evidences economic benefits offered by the WTO membership, and the key point is to learn how to make the most of it for the state in each particular case.
How do you estimate the prospects of the scrap processing sector in the framework of Russia's WTO membership?
Vasily: I don't see any rapid and substantial changes. Most likely there will be some trade facilitation for our companies; however, on the other hand domestic and international competition will grow. What's important for Russian companies in this context is how the WTO membership of Russia will agree in terms of legislation with the regulations of the Customs Union, and if it can effect the current relationship between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.
At present they are establishing a self-regulating organization (SRO) of scrap metal processors, and your company is a member of it. What practical tasks are to be solved by the self-regulating organization?
Vasiliy: The current noncommercial partnership is the first stage of the SRO establishment. The next stage is a fully valid self-regulating organization. As for the tasks, they can only be elaborated in the framework stipulated for by the Federal Law No.315, that is elaboration and initiation of performance standards and rules, and monitoring of compliance with these standards and rules. And here the state must remain a significant regulating tool. It should aim at promotion of a civilized secondary metals market, which takes into account all the rights and interests of various participants subject to the utmost information transparency.
A few words about your activity in the Russian-Turkish Business Council and the growth prospects.
Oleg: The activity of the Russian-Turkish Business Council at the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Russian Federation is aimed at enhancement and development of economic ties between the countries. We are planning to hold events of various formats directed at acquaintance of the trading communities of our countries with investment opportunities of each other and at securing of ultimately comfortable entering the markets of our countries by the companies.
As the geographic reach of our companies is the Southern regions of Russia, primarily Rostov region, we intend to facilitate the development of relations in these regions in every possible way. It is worth mentioning that Vasily Golubev, Governor of the Rostov region, contributes comprehensively to development of business ties of the region with foreign countries and elimination of irrelative administrative barriers. The region has a very creative environment, which simplifies and stimulates development.

According to: magazine "Real Business", #9 (2012)



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