Meeting of Oleg Tsvigun with the Management of B&N Bank

On June 4, a working meeting of Oleg Tsvigun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "ImpexTrade", with Alexander Lukin, the Senior Vice-President, member of the Board of B&N Bank, and Konstantin Kalagin, Head of the Corporate Services Department of B&N Bank, took place in the head office of B&N Bank.

Oleg Tsvigun told the management of B&N Bank about the current activity of LLC "ImpexTrade", the condition of the export market of secondary metals, and the development program of the company to the end of the year. Mr. Tsvigun also mentioned the company's plans for development in the grain and the coal markets, and in the construction sector, too. Alexander Lukin, in his turn, told about the development line of B&N Bank, the plans for expansion of activity, new banking products in the banking accommodation market. Based on the results of the meeting, an agreement was reached on the increased ongoing funding of LLC"ImpexTrade" connected with the expanded scope of activity and geographical reach. Moreover, the management of B&N Bank once again acknowledged the highest financial strength rating of LLC "ImpexTrade" as a borrowing entity.
At the end of the meeting Oleg Tsvigun heartily thanked the management of B&N Bank for comprehensive support and prompt solution of all questions arising.