Company LLC "ImpexTrade" - the leader of the South of Russia in sphere of secondary metals

LLC "ImpexTrade" publishes reports of business activity for 2013. Against the decrease by participants of the market of export volumes of a steel scrap - LLC "ImpexTrade" have increased the given indicator.
At year-end 2013 the volume of realisation of the company has made 171 thousand tons of the steel scrap with a profit in amount of 1,6 billion roubles. Where 118 285 tons have been exported. Growth of the given indicator in comparison with 2012 had made 12 %.

According to the data of customs statistics following the results of 2013, LLC "ImpexTrade" is the largest exporter of the steel scrap of the South of Russia. The head office of the company is in Rostov-on-Don. The share of the company export in region has grown from 9,2 % in 2012, to 11,5 % in 2013.

Shipment into home market by auto- and railway transport in 2013 - 51 814 tons of the steel scrap .

In the first quarter 2013 in the Moscow region had been open the branch - "ImpexTrade-MO"

LLC "ImpexTrade" keep the first place during two years among among the independent commercial organisations in the South of Russia with the general shipment 171 thousand tons of the steel scrap.

The company is recognised by the winner in a nomination «Leader on development 2012" at the First National competition " RUSLOM.COM" the past within the limits of IX International forum «Steel and Nonferrous Metals 2013».

Also the Russian National Business rating following the results of 2013 has defined LLC "IMPEXTRADE" as the winner in the Russian Federation in the field of collection and trade in a steel scrap and nonferrous metals.

LLC "ImpexTrade" is a member of the Russian-Turkish Business Council at the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Russian Federation, where it is in charge of developing business ties and contacts between entrepreneurs and business communities of the two countries in the field of steel making and secondary metals.

LLC "ImpexTrade" is a founder of the National Self-Regulating Organization of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and waste processors, autorecycler "RUSLOM.COM", where it is in charge of development and cooperation with authorities in the Southern and North Caucasian federal districts of the Russian Federation.

The Сhairman of Board of Directors - Tsvigun Oleg , in 2000th years was successful top-manager in oil and metallurgical actives of Michael Gutseriev.
Now Mr. Tsvigun is also a member of Presidium, the Vice-president National SRO «RUSLOM.COM» on Southern and North Caucasian federal districts.

The General Director - Gavrilyuk Vasily . On the results of activity in 2013, Gavrilyuk Vasily was awarded a medal «Star of Glory. Economy of Russia» by the National business rating.

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