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The prices for a steel scrap: a falling suspension


For current week the prices for a steel scrap in the world markets were a little stabilized after downfall within several weeks.

The greatest contribution was brought here by Turkish consumers which have raised the prices for a steel scrap from the Western Europe on 7 $/mt, and also consumers in Japan where the rise in prices for 4 $/mt. Thus the prices at East coast USA is marked have fallen on 5 $/mt, also as well as on a steel scrap from the USA, delivered to Turkey on which the maximum quantity of the transactions concluded in this region .

But we should not  expect the further decrease in quotations because conditions in the USA were stabilised, also as well as the relation of Euro to Dollar.

The main reason of rise in prices  in Turkey was the desire of consumers to fill up warehouse stocks for July-August which were considerably exhausted.

In immediate prospects it is necessary to expect continuation of purchases of Turkish consumers of a steel scrap, but the rise in prices will be limited and will depend entirely on a conjuncture on end production.

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