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Current situation in the world market of steel scrap

The prices for a steel scrap in the USA have unexpectedly failed in the beginning of July. Analysts predicted fall, but considered that it will be small. Instead quotations have fallen on $40-50 per ton because of slack demand abroad and refusal American company from great volumes of raw materials. However, having seen that cost of material HMS № 1 was reduced to $300-310 per ton with delivery, they have quickly changed the opinion so demand is closer to the beginning of second half of July has grown, and the prices have won back to $20-25 per ton.

Collapse in the world market too has not occurred. The American exporters have not panicked and have waited new contracts, first of all, in India and South East Asia countries. Cost HMS № 1&2 (80:20) in containers has become stronger on a mark $380-385 per ton on CFR basic, and some companies offer it and on $390 per ton of CFR basic.

The Turkish companies get recently scrap metal, basically, in the Western Europe and Russia. The prices on European HMS № 1&2 (70:30) and Russian А3, thus, are almost at one level ‒ $360-370 per ton of CFR basic. Nevertheless, the American traders do not make concessions and request for the material not less than $385 per ton of CFR basic.



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